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Monday, April 6, 2009

Humanity Strikes Out

Sometimes I wonder if there is anything in this distorted world that remains impervious to change. Is anything really absolute anymore? Is there still right and wrong? Good and bad? Truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable and left to interpretation. The media provides hoops for the politicians to jump through. The legal system is littered with loopholes, time delays and caters to the wealthy. The first world countries are filled with overweight indulgent idiots, the third worlds with starving street children. Injustice happens everywhere and too many people just accept it. Write it off as one of those things you just can’t change. Maybe those people are right, and maybe one person’s involvement and achievements will never be enough to make it all go away - but ignoring it, keeping yourself blissfully ignorant is just a coward’s way of misconstruing the facts to suit their own indifferent attitude. I’m not saying we all need to dedicate our entire existence to helping those less fortunate, Im just saying we have a responsibility to stay aware that there’s a problem. To realize there is evil happening somewhere all the time, and to never take for granted the incredibility of our own lives.

So to those people who disregard prejudice and discrimination… to those people so involved in their own pathetic excuse for a life to notice that others don’t have it so easy… I say this… You can bitch and moan all you want about the girl that shot you down last night, or the friend that still owes you 50$ - but I won’t listen. My give-a-shit meter doesn’t even register. It’s occupied with caring about things that matter. Not irrelevant details that you deem are important. Things that you’ll spend two weeks regretting and obsessing about - then the next week when something more dramatic happens… you’ll conveniently forget all about it. You are weak and spineless. Half the world is suffering and I hope you lose sleep over the fact that it’s because of you.


if you happen to be a billionaire...