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Friday, April 10, 2009

I Have No Towel

I sit on the floor of the shower - something I first learned from a movie - something that will always make me feel better - and let the instant hot water rush over me, momentarily erasing all my fears, insecurities, doubts and problems.
I wish I had a bathtub.
I smell like wild cherry and apricot - the soapy residue from my shower gel - artificial fruit scents.
I hear the constant drone of the water as it rushes through the drain - and wonder why it is so loud.
I place a cloth over the drain, hoping to stifle the sound - it works.
Now I hear the bathroom fan instead.
I sit up - hugging my knees - wishing I could stay forever.
My fingers are already wrinkled.
I belong here, with the foggy plastic door, off-white tiles and rusty lock.
Why do they have a lock on a shower door anyways?
I lay down on my back and shut my eyes.
I listen to the steady rush of water, thinking of nothing else, feeling nothing else - and Im calm - for that moment.
The moment ends - I have to get out - Ive been in here for an hour.
So it's over.
Now I am only wet and shivering - and I have no towel.


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