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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Magical Lesbian Wonderland

I like men.

(Just to get that out of the way first) I'm heterosexual but every so often, I'll meet a woman that sparks my interest in a .... different kind of way.

I would never date a girl, or form any kind of lasting emotional relationship but when it comes to the physical aspect no one can deny that women are very sexually appealing, even to other women. With long hair, soft skin and curves in all the right places, the body of a woman truly IS a wonderland.

Some of you will insist that because of this (rare) physical attraction, I'm bisexual. Looking to the "sexual" root of the word, in a sense I could be... but I've never felt the desire to start a relationship with a woman and to be perfectly honest, the thought itself turns me off.

Woman are too fuckin complicated for me... and always have been.

I was "one of the boys" in highschool, addicted to final fantasy VII, poker, starcraft, super smash bros, beer, sex and... really insane bong tokes.

I worked in a restaurant as a cook instead of a server. I frequently flashed my room-mates for "first hit" of a joint, pipe or bong. I had casual meaningless sex and later bragged about it. I got on stage at a stripclub while drunk and on ecstasy - got fully naked with a friend and two strippers in the shower. And I'm sure I could continue relentlessly tossing little anecdotes your way but I (forgive me i'm high)..

Right, okay... I WAS talking about lesbians. Much more interesting, let's get back to that. I'm all about human rights and not sticking my opinions where they don't belong, so gay people, are just people to me. Interesting people actually, who don't fall into the trap of society pressure to be just like everyone else. They aren't afraid to fight for their identity. I've heard a male friend say once that they didn't mind gays until one had hit on him at a club. That to me makes NO sense at all. Tell him to fuck off if you have to (I've done it to assholes in clubs) but judging ALL gay people because ONE found you attractive and you didn't like it??

I'd sooner hate the ugly chick that always seems ready to go when your beer goggles are at full fade.

You know you've been there...

I've completely lost track of this entry... so.. my point is.

Girls are sexy. Boys are simple. Don't hate the homos.

Ya.. that's it.


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