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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Write What You Can't Say

A single moment of self-clarification... a few seconds where you look around slowly and realize, to your great delight and satisfaction... that you are truly happy. It wont last long. the real world will set in again soon and no matter how much you hope that feeling will last forever...

It leaves. Replaced by some negative emotion that consumes and destroys it in an instant.

Why is it that we all have the ability to go from love to hate SO easily and SO quickly...
but from hate to love... it takes endless amounts of time and effort?? Is it in fact, easier to hate someone then it is to love someone? Will we, as humans in general, always be so quick to judge and criticize those around us?

These questions I can't answer, but somehow after writing them down, I get a strange glimpse of appreciation in knowing that I don't know... and perhaps even... can't know. That is truly the best aspect of a writer. I don't mean as a chosen profession, but writer as in... one who writes.

I have a diary. It's not sparkly or pink and I don't wear the key to it's padlock around my neck - but I have a diary. Even better then the book itself, is the tradition behind it. I've faithfully been writing these journals since I was 15 years old. Some, I lost over the years, some I got halfway through then decided, for no reason at all, to start a new one.

Have you ever looked at an old photograph of yourself and wondered... "what was I thinking?" Well, keep a diary and you can answer that. Start today actually (if you haven't already) and just... write shit down. Not on a public blog, but in a notebook. Hide it somewhere smart, and write whatever the fuck you want. No limits. Don't even try to claim you "can't think of anything." Write what you're NOT thinking of then. Write about why you can't write, or don't want to.

You might be very surprised at just how much you didn't know about yourself.


if you happen to be a billionaire...