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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Die Twitter DIE

It’s narcissistic and self-indulgent, and ultimately pointless. It makes it seem as though our lives were meant to be public spectacles at all times, and as a private person and someone who shares only what I choose to through my videos, twitter just seems unbelievably excessive. No one cares about what you ate for breakfast, or how bored you are. I will never understand or endorse the need to spew out personal information and senseless thoughts to the entire world in 145 letters or less. And that's completely what Twitter is designed for: it’s a new vice through which you can share stream-of-conscious babblings with your friends and with anyone who has time to lurk on the Web and read inane sentences written by complete strangers.

Is it just me? Am I alone in thinking that twitter is one of the most trivial and over-publicized trends around? Is all human contact destined to be lost forever in a tidal wave of worthless information overloading our brains?

Not trying to sound all high and mighty to those of you who like Twitter or actually use it for something meaningful. I realize there are a percentage of intelligent people using the site who don’t let you know how often they breathe. But you’ve gotta admit, it’s a fuckin' small percentage.


luis said...

I agree 100%

I just dont get why the fuck anyone feels the need to share dumb shit they do all day.

there are times I dont want to say to much about myself on YT let alone what I do every second of everyday on Twitter

internationalinkpen said...

agreed. itll pass im sure. when was the last time u heard some one say "omg i have to check my myspace" without being sarcastic or looked at like a fool. been a while for me. youll only be able to say "oh i have to tweet this" for so long. ive chalked it up as a win long ago that ive never even checked out the website.

LupineLooPine said...

"..who has time to lurk on the Web and read inane sentences written by complete strangers. "

Yeah, pfft... weirdoes! *looks nervously at his side and hides the binoculars*

Twitter takes it to the extreme, but mostly in image. In truth, twitter could be used sparsely enough to be like a blog and YT could be used excessively to chronicle every single thing that a vlogger does. In fact the woman who made video streaming popular.. forgot her name.. but basically she streamed every moment of her life from the time she was in college and ended a few years back. That was what people liked.. knowing the details of other peoples lives.. that's what makes tabloids sell. And that in essence is the problem with both YT and Twitter... they're both means for people to distract themselves from more urgent and pressing issues in their life and immediate environment. I'll get to the point of both in a minute. But you're description of twitter :

"It’s narcissistic and self-indulgent, and ultimately pointless."

.. isn't that YOUtube in a nutshell? Isn't YT the beacon for people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Begging for subs... and five stars?! .. five stars even! And that gets me to the points of all this e-socializing. Social validation for those who get the attention. Though twitter in this regard at least is more noble in that it could be used to foster social interactions more so than YT. But they're all a way of making people FEEL they belong to a structure or group. That's the point for all involved. That need is very strong in all people.. secure or insecure, high or low. In many cases it's the only way people can feel happy about their lives.. largely because of circumstance or the ditch they have dug for themselves. For the former I would say let them use it and be happy on whatever terms (twittering and wanting to know what happened two minutes ago.. or going on YT and interacting through videos and comments), for the latter of course figuring a way out of the ditch is more advisable. In any case, the terms of social interaction are different for different people. Some people are more like.. tweets. They do want to know what happens at every single moment. I can totally see this control freak of a person waiting to know what someone had for breakfast. It's like porn for these people. For people who are less intrusive with less time.. perhaps YT or skype or stickam might be a better option. For me personally, IRC was the best thing in terms of social interaction.. for reasons I won't go into here. But it's the same thing really.. underneath. It's the same root. Persecuting twitter and saying YT is ok, is like going against one religion and supporting another.. when really all (organized and large scale) religions are pretty stupid.. in my opinion of course.

I used to do IRC,skype and stickam.. but now I don't, though I don't rule it out or have anything against it. I am on YT, and the only reason I ever got on YT was to share documentaries .. potentially , with relatives abroad in countries where downloading torrents isn't possible. I'm sticking around because of a few people I've met. I don't "understand" YT and vlogging either.. or rather I didn't, but I did always tolerate it because there's something to understand irregardless of whether I got it or not.

GoldDaniel said...

I think the main reason it exists is because we each think we're important. And yes, everyone's important, but I mean like, the center of the universe. I don't use twitter because I know most people could care less about what I do all day.
Fair enough, some people are idolized, and everyone wants to know what they're doing, but that's a different can of worms altogether, so I won't get into idol worship here.
If I did use twitter, I'd probably use it the same way I use facebook status updates...for thought provoking quotes and self expression.

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