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Monday, May 25, 2009

While I walk in the forest, I love to:

I took one of those stupid personality tests today and was forced to stop when I got this question:

While I walk in the forest, I love to think about all kinds of things and ideas.
When I walk in the forest, I love to smell the woods and the feel the breeze on my face.

They expected me to choose one or the other. Like people are all narrow-minded stereotypes. While I walk in a forest I love to think AND feel the breeze on my face. I even tried to reason with my initial frustration and thought , okay... well which one do I love MORE? Then quickly realized... no... the question is justifiably frustrating. That's a comparison that can't be made! I've never had to choose one or the other... they always happened at the same time. Did they want me to lie? To fake out an online personality test and just pick (a) because I don't have to move my mouse as far? What if it changes everything and the category I get tossed into isn't the right one?

I took one last look at the question, and then closed the window.

What the fuck was I doing taking an online personality test in the first place?


LupineLooPinous said...

Why the fuck indeed? The answer to the test would be another typecast. Type A,B, T.. wtf?! You already know who you are better than anyone else. You certainly don't need a question pertaining to forest experiences to tell you who that.Besides, I think it's full of shit anyway. I'm pretty sure I've changed my personality "type" at least once in my lifetime. Experience and environment takes care of that.

achigurh said...

this must have been an advanced personality test...the one they gave me asked: "does a bear shit in the woods?"

if you happen to be a billionaire...