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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You seem to know things other people don't know. Pisces belongs to the mystics while Aquarius belongs to the scientist. You will be rather silent about what you are able to recognize since you realize very early that no one else recognizes things as they appear to be to you. If you worry too much about other people, you may put so much pressure on yourself to fit in that you distort the best of what you have. You reflect the dual nature of life, reality and nonreality, consciousness and the unconscious. You are peace loving and friendly, and the chameleon of the Zodiac, receptive to the needs of others but sometimes getting lost within yourself. You are tolerant and open-minded, but tend to stick to your beliefs. You are compassionate, sensitive, imaginative and sympathetic to the feelings of others. You tend to be romantic and sentimental, but may give in to escapism. You may become timid if your emotions are abused too often. You hunger for experience. You must not give up on the world and retreat. You must learn to trust.


LupineLooPine said...

The same thing is said about all the other signs, they just highlight different aspects and spice it up differently for each sign. You know.. this fellow is more of a leader, this one is like water and more balanced, and so is the scales.. while the scorpion bites yo ass in a heatbeat and beats your ass to give you heartburn. Very cute stuff. Chinese zodiac, I-ching and Hindu astrology.. who gives a brother suck right?

I'm "Libran" by the way, and I think I have more traits with other signs than I do under my own. Now an astrologer (another way language is messed up - the scientist of the stars is the namer of the stars, and the guesser of crap is the scientist of the stars) will say "Ah, you've got to consider your Sun and Moon and place of birth and time of birth and only THEN can I tell you stuff uniquely your own". Apart from that this astrologer will use some ancient Alphabet conversion (Some Kaballah system or something.. I don't remember. It's mentioned in those Linda Goodman books) to convert my name to it's correct number and correlate the number to Saturn or Uranus or whatever. There'll also be consideration of Mercury's retrograde and all sorts of other crap. Of course if one puts all of this together it is not only inconsistent with each other and PERFECTLY nonsensical, but also with science and .. reality. Take any trait of your sign.. positive , negative.. whatever. I dare you to put this person in a contrasting social environment and not see a complete change. Double dare. It isn't the stars that make who we are, it's our environment and our perspectives of reality (that are always distorted and wrong.. though the goal is to make it as right as possible) .

Now I know you just put this up for fun Heather but : 1) I'm presently PMSing and feeling a tad bit bitchy and 2) I've been feeling guilty for not having put a bloody long rant comment recently.. and I needed to break the god damned ice before it broke me.

Heather Maria said...

Well well well, Mr. Loop it might please you to know I opened about ten different Aquarius/Pisces pages and picked only the sentences I liked. It wasn’t about the stars so much as… a process of elimination. If you read a bunch of random bullshit meant to generically describe individual character traits, some if it’s always true. So I eliminated everything that didn’t apply to me and wrote myself a little note with some of the leftovers. Like an astrological butchering process and my post is the fillet mignon. I tossed away all the hotdogs.

I think it turned out nice. In fact… I like it. I would like it if you liked it too. We could like it together and forget all about the stars. They’re too far away anyways.

LupineLooPine said...

I see. Like a beautiful garment made out of garbage. Yes, I agree the garment is beautiful, I'm just saying the source is garbage. All of your garments are beautiful... I just couldn't get my eye to focus beyond the garbage for a moment.

I do love the description as is and I think it's highly appropriate. I think by the time you read this you've already read my comment responses to your emo post. Please don't whack me on the head with a used condom. I'll be better next time (only if you want me to).

From the earlier post... So IS the scales. :\
Ah, what a grammatically incorrect forged, forked tongued wordsmith I am!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a sign. My planet orbits the Sun.

if you happen to be a billionaire...