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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

circles and frogs

Sometimes I wish I could write about some things here that I can't write about here. Things and people and people's things. Sometimes I just write. Without really needing to write about anything at all. Other times I want to write but can't. Not here. So I write in circles. Giant intertwined loopy circles that never end, never come to a point, never really mean anything at all. Except they do. They do mean something. Just not something I can write about. Not here. Maybe Ill try writing in squares. Or triangles. Or octagons. How would writing in an octagon look like? I don't know how to write like that. Circles are easier. I can just go round and round and round, making no cohesive ideas. What happens if I stray from the circle just once? What happens if I start writing about... fishes. Swirly fishes trapped in a giant glass bowl. Swimming round and round and round. I am a fish. Today, I'm a fish. I wish I was a frog. Frogs can jump out of the water if they need to. They hop away and leave the bowl behind, making new trails, new octagons and new triangles very unlike the circles they started in. Frogs start out as tadpoles. And tadpoles are fishes. Maybe one day I'll get to be a frog.


achigurh said...


krumbine said...

You start talking about circles and I think of The Circle ... a technique, maybe?? I used it a lot in those original krumbinesBRAIN epidodes. But remember, writing in circles--whether intentionally or not--means that you must eventually return to the beginning again.

Circles are sexy.

Michael said...

When you become a frog, will you let me kiss you, so you can be a princess?

Henry Swanson said...

1. Frogs are literally magical creatures. Imagine spending your entire life in the tiny oceanic teaspoon of water that gathers at the center of a leafy jungle plant. What profoundly beautiful and hyper-organic energy dreams it must have..

- From "I want to be a tiny hallucinogenic jungle frog" by Henry Swanson

2. "The act of looking is an aggressive act."

Was looking for some bad sci-fi movies trailers on LOLtube this evening, when I saw your channel. I really admire your eyes, I dig the self-conscious manner in which you v-blog - the transparent egotism of your endlessly closed-loop self-reflexivity. Almost as if the Internets were the private mirror-that-is-yourself.. or something vaguely zizekian like that.

"[..] mind of a veteran predator seeking out fresh prey" ;-)

Me? Erm I'm just waiting for my chicken and mushroom pie to warm up while I d.load Shinjuku Incident & Fear II Project Origin. Can't sleep again, teh Novel is impossibly behind schedule - shit, there is no fucking schedule, there is only ever an endless series of branching diversions, distractions from the central raw life-fact I have been actively and passively-aggressively avoiding all my so-called existence:

[insert accurate / helpful / typically oblique / painfully private personal revelation here]

I don't know you, Maria
We will never meet
I'm not even sure if I was even really here
(deadpan) "Or even where 'here' is, exactly"
Take myself far too seriously
Because I'm afraid that if I stop
My entire epistemological world-view
Will collapse from under my swollen & immobile ontological feet.

Keep flashing those bright, wild eyes, oh virtual girl..

Henry 'Swain 9001' Swanson

ps. You are not free.
pps. Fuck me, this pie's hot

if you happen to be a billionaire...