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Sunday, June 14, 2009

(COSART) 1 = lust

COSART = Chronicles Of Somewhat Associated Religious Topics

Religion is (and I think always will be) the greatest power in the world when it comes to both dividing humanity and uniting humanity. It’s such a bittersweet, straightforward, unexplainable, illogically rational topic… that I have decided to write about something in some way pertaining to religion and start a tradition I hope to keep up once a week, or maybe two weeks. Schedules seem to hate me. It’s a mutual loathing. It doesn’t matter though… fuck schedules, I’ll write when I want to, and right now… I want to. So I’m here to talk about lust but let me start by clarifying that I don’t mean lust in the sexual sense, I mean lust as in our supposed need for meaning, worth, protection, identity, comfort or esteem. Sometimes sex can be involved in every one of those - but it is often just a catalyst, or side plot along the way. We all want something. Most of us want hundreds of something’s, thousands, millions even. Not just material objects, but affections like love, respect, trust, faith. We want answers, we want revenge, we want justice, we want peace, we want power and money and fame. One of the lessons I still remember from my few years of early Sunday mornings, is loving one another. I remember smiling and hugging strangers with even bigger smiles. I remember the lesson that always followed. The one about loving yourself. The lesson that is the root of our wants and lusts. Ourselves. It is you that wants these things. For whatever reason, you have decided to invest time and thought into these things. You are creating your own lusts every moment, maybe sometimes without even realizing it. Maybe even most times caught unaware of everything that winds in and out of your want circle every single day. To love ourselves, means to make the effort to make yourself happy. And what makes you happy? Is it your wife? Your mom? Your books? Your dog? Your car? The things that bring us joy, are the very things we want when they are not around or not yet achieved and so it becomes an if then statement. IF you want to love yourself then you must give in to your lusts. It’s all relative. I hate that saying, but it’s true, and will always be true. There are many destructive ways to achieve what you want and just as many constructive, (productive?) ways. The trick is figuring out which wants are most important, and how far into the destructive zone you are willing to go to get them.


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