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Thursday, June 11, 2009

illustrations of unknown stories

"Douglas Adams once wrote: 'He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream, and he sometimes wondered whose it was, and whether they were enjoying it.'

Carlos Castaneda once wrote about Four of the Gates of Dreaming
"1st Gate (stabilization of the dreaming body): Arrived at when one perceives one's hands in a dream. Solved when one is able to shift the focus from the hands to another dream object and return it to the hands, all repeated a few times. Crossed when one is able to induce a state of darkness and a feeling of increased weight. 2nd Gate (utilizing the dreaming body): Arrived at when one's dream objects start changing into something else. Solved when one is able to isolate a Scout and follow it to the realm of Inorganic Beings. Crossed when one is able to fall asleep without losing consciousness. 3rd Gate (traveling): Arrived at when one dreams of looking at oneself. Solved when the dreaming and physical bodies become one. Crossed when one is able to control the Dreaming Emissary. 4th Gate of Dreaming (seeing): Arrived at when one is able to perceive the energetic essence of every dream item. Solved when one falls asleep in a dream, in the same position in which one has gone to sleep. Crossed when one wakes up in this reality, only not in the physical but in the energy body."


LupineLooPine said...

Wow.. this one had my head cracking.

The first gate was fairly easy to digest. You become aware of objects.. alrighty. The start of the next level is darkness and heaviness? I thought one could achieve that by getting bloated with chinese food. What do I know?

The second wasn't simple.. though the last sentence of being conscious after falling asleep did remind me of Lucid dreaming.. and I wonder if the end points are the same. That is, if a person who "wakes up in his dream" is equal to this second gate person.. arriving at the same point through different routes. I've never managed to Lucid dream despite some effort a few years back.

I think the third is about OOBEs .. but dreaming emissary ??? All dreams have a mission and we can control ourselves in the dream world with respect to our mission(I think this is it)? Or is the dream emissary something else.. some higher agency controlling the dream itself , and we can control it? I think I'll read it again and try to figure it out.... SO CONFUSED!

The fourth one had me reeling. But if I let my metaphysical mumbo jumbo inner dude take a guess... He's referring to seeing the energy and connections between all things.. how the many are really one , and we can travel between different dimensions and not tell the difference between them. The dream world is experienced like the real, and all objects and the universe have become transparent.
I of course don't understand what the hell I just typed... but maybe metaphysical mumbo jumbo dude can tell me the answer in a dream.

if you happen to be a billionaire...