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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

house of cards and stars.

Reaching for the stars
Never knowing just how far
Away we could really be.
Making butterflies
Out of simple lies
And turning them to dust.
Trust me
Rushing in the moment
Blurring the colours of the day
Running away
To your house of cards
Always on guard
But ready to fall
Is no way to live at all.
Empty fears
And icy tears
Fall up with you.
To a sky of stars
Always out of reach
Always just a little too far.


LoopyLupine said...

Yes, no pragmatism and objectivity will do that. Need one foot in the clouds and the other on earth as "they" say.

Ibrahim said...

If you wrote that, can I make it into a song? It's beautiful poetry.


Heather Maria said...

Yep I wrote it, and steal away:)

Gabriel said...

You're an inspiring individual. I had to take a few minutes and take a stab at one of my own poems- I haven't felt like writing in over a year and a half (my line of work encourages other pursuits) so I really appreciate the burst of motivation.

I found this through Youtube- I don't know if that matters, but you've got some great stuff- I especially liked 'Spiders and Weeds' and 'Guilt and Forgiveness'.

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