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Friday, July 3, 2009

lightning now.

Now, because of three words I can't even read scribbled on a page of my dream journal at four in the morning, every time the clouds start to swirl, every time the sky fades black and the stars go into hiding, every time a beam of static electricity shoots across the heavens and lights up my world… I think of him. Not that I need any more reasons to think of him. Not that I need any reason at all. Maybe one day we really will sit on the roof and tempt the clouds to bury us in a wave of thunder and lightning... but until then I'm going to sit here and smile just thinking about it.


Ibrahim said...


I wish I was him...

LupineLooPine said...

Yah gurl, you betta take that rain dancing kid and make him your own.. and he better take you if he knows what's wood for him! Take it from me, it pays to have a man... A REAL MAN, summon the clouds and make it rain. Nimbus is a bastard, and he don't pee on any old average Joe.He "unloads" on Joe the plumber, but that's a regaling tale for another occasion.
Oh.. on the plus side it has been raining here as well.. for a day, which is jolly good in it's own way, but perhaps not in your mushy, dreamy, wishful fantasy world kind of way. I hope reality smacks this Canadian or Filipino bloke in the head, because if it doesn't I will. Tres stupidite IF ... he, you know, doesn't sit on your roof .. ultimately getting chased just before dangling from a roof tile by his undies. It's all good... all part of the rain dancing done in a flash, while his moon faces the moon to Claire de Lune playing in the background. Isn't it romaaaaaaantic?! .. well,no it's Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy you say.
Then he goes "Oh Heathah, tis been so bong"
You go "So bong indeed" *takes a hit.. and a hit*
He: "Oh how I wish my undies would unstrap themselves as much as I wish my groin guard uncorked itself. I needed protection for the rooftops here"
You: "Oh always need protection round me boy!"

Ok.. I'll stop here. My mind is really, REALLY trippy today and I just ended singing Billy Jean before typing this to my dog, who seemed more excited about the accompanying dance. She's now staring at me , probably hoping for a Crocodile Hunter chase around the room... which let's face it, she might as well get.

Ok parting points. Heather - savour the mental flights... they always are the juiciest and somehow never match up to reality MOST of the time.. but it will this time due to my strange voodoo magic that will ensure it does.
Ibrahim: Dude! You're out of prison and long to be in again? Man.. take it from a guy who has been free a LONG time.. you'll love it on the outside, not investing your emotions in that shit. And look at the bright side. You might end up like me!
*watches Ibrahim run screaming before humping a street light*
No Ibrahim.. it ain't so bad mon frere! Crust pee silly!

achigurh said...

who could "him" be... well it's obvious you are thinking about H.I.M. (His Imperial Majesty)...Haile Selassie, The Rastafari Messiah.

...Hail Jah Tafari, Hail Jah Tafari
He lives for everything that is good (Hail Him)
Hail Him for food (Hail Him)
Hail Him for Shelter (Hail Him)
Hail Him for clothes (Hail Him)
Hail Him for everything, everything that is good (Hail
----Burning Spear

zompac said...

So you fantasize about someone thats not there with you but want them to be... hmmm, makes me wonder who he is.

if you happen to be a billionaire...