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Sunday, July 5, 2009

ordinarily extraordinary

When I start feeling like too much of my day has been simply ordinary, I like to rewind and play it all over again in slow motion, realizing quite magically that there are many moments, hidden within the seemingly tedious regularity of my life that are quite extraordinary. I take comfort in the sun illuminating through my curtains. It makes everything seem a little like a gold plated dream. I take comfort in the bird sounds outside my balcony doors and my toes while I bounce down the stairs in the morning. Crick crack click clack. With each step I smile to myself and think I’ll miss my feet one day when I’m old and arthritic. I take comfort in the smell of my coconut shampoo and the way my hair feels when I rinse away the conditioner through the water that is always too hot or not hot enough and stops working altogether after 1pm. I like watching the bubbles drift around before being devoured by the drain. Sometimes I imagine their journey down the more then likely botched pipe systems of the Philippines, shoving rudely through anonymous hairballs and cackling for a moment, thinking they are so much better off being bubbles. Then life throws them a storybook twist when the arrogant soapsuds realize they are now stuck twined within those same hairballs they had just finished laughing at. The water that was carrying them has swooshed on and left them behind with the rejects. Oh how cruel fate can be. I take comfort in the notion that I am indeed crazy for personifying my shampoo and conditioner, giving them the ability to recognize irony. I take comfort in the single surprising tear that crawls down my cheek as I e-mail my Mom. Proving that even though I may be insane… I’m still human. I miss her more with every single morning that comes and she is still 8000 miles away. I sign the e-mail Love, Heather-belle. Something I haven’t called myself in years. Something she calls me when I need to feel like a little kid again. I’m going to phone her in a few hours… she’s sleeping now. And when I do I’ll tell her… “Mom. Today was ordinary. Ordinary yet overflowing with extraordinary. It just took me a little writing to realize how magical every moment really is.”


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