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Monday, July 6, 2009

"Money is not the root of all evil. Money is necessary. The want and love of money is the root of all evil." - Dad


Anonymous said...

Actually, the original version of the line was 'The love of money is the root of all evil'. (It was Paul of Tarsus.) It just got misquoted a lot over the years. So your Dad is simply putting it back the way it belongs.

I know your last name now. Actually, I already suspected it was Lueck, but I couldn't rule out Lucek. You had that earlier bit about moving the 'E' to the end to become 'Luck-E'

LupineLooPine said...

Silly comment, part 1:

Smart Dad and smart Mr. Paul of Tarsus, but neither is correct. The root of "the root of all evil" is power. It is that which drives people to have it. In fact if one just stopped right now and looked at the situation globally.. or even in the past, it's not really those with money or those really desiring it as Mr. Lueck mentioned that is really evil either relatively or actually. But I guess this "evil" may be classified as "global evil", things that bring mankind down itself rather than the corruption of the individual, which I'll get to in a second. William Randolph Hearst didn't ruin the world as far as I know. Sure, his paper invented stuff up and was a definite catalyst for the Spanish American war but it didn't ruin the world in any way. Howard Hughes gave us titties in movies and Bill "iSteal" Gates stole shit from Apple. The point is that if one goes down the list, these rich fuckers have done more progressive things for society than regressive. This however does not involve those that use money to buy POWER and have influence in political matters. But again, that's power that's screwing things up and not money itself. Were there a barter system, some manipulative fuck at the top of this system might want to have more goods and indeed pull some strings to ensure he gets a better deal at the cost and benefit of the common man. In this way sufficiently untested drugs, excessive number of vaccinations with inadequately tested adjuvants, pollutants in drinking water,and so on becomes quite commonplace in "first world" "civilized" societies. History is overflowing with power hogs using propaganda to maintain it at the cost of some poor faction, which I will call the "hated minority", by fueling hate against them to ensure the frustrated hateful majority (slight as it might be) keeps those bastards in power through a distortion of painfully transparent truth.. which is easy to achieve by satiating the majority with more resources and privileges. This is a common property of all world societies. I don't even need to cite historical cases for power hogs since history IS nothing but tales of power hogs, particularly the last century.

If I were to classify anything as "evil" it would be this "global evil". It is certainly a rarity to find those in power, in general, who do not use it to their own advantage at the cost of the people and the progress of society. In fact, so blinding it might be, that those in power may very well hold the key to destroying the human race. Money on the other hand, does not necessarily corrupt the individual to the point that they become cold, heartless bastards. They could become these cold bastards, but even here it is due to the exercising of power. They're able to get things so easily that people become expendable, and thus they become the cold, sterile, corrupted, "evil" bastards that the poor, downtrodden masses perceive. Of course, the truth here too may be heavily distorted, but let's assume it to be true just for the sake of argument. It's still power, the same power exercised by some famous people who get things at their fingertips. So again, it's not money, but power.. power over people, just a different scale and intensity.

LupineLooPine said...

Silly comment, part 2:

That's what makes the assistant of a prima donna (extreme case, but still relevant) spit in her cup of coffee, perhaps a bit of envy too. But AGAIN, what is envy if not relative powerlessness? Power is horrible because it tends to corrupt those who have it as much as those who don't. It is in this regard that Mr. Lueck is very right. The desire to have wealth and that bling-bling (or power symbols if you will (I know you prefer the term status symbols you evolutionary biology trained drained brain fuckwit... I say power symbols) ) deprives people from leading happier and more meaningful lives (whose key is to simply appreciate why you are and understand your fundamental needs on the basis of your established value system which will guide you to where you need to be ... it's really easy actually) , since they compare themselves with those who have more power thus forming desires that may manifest in a rather negative way in reality and in the mind. This is why kids mirror the rich bitch kid as well as those who are famous, in attitude, personality and fashion. This is what made having a tan trendy as opposed to the opposite in the 19th century, among other seemingly nonsensical trends. Follow the rich and famous.. they're better than you! Why? Because look at all the power they have!! Well, they don't say that literally.. but if you add it up that's what it amounts to. To say it's great to be someone because they have lot's of money, sex and doesn't have to work much to lead that life = power. Local power, but power.
Now, the solution. People must empower themselves by appreciating their self worth independent of society. Yes, the solution to power craving is to give one power. There are more things to mention here such as the appreciation of the world of art and science as well as understanding the state of other people in the world.. but I'm done rambling.
*Zips his lips and purses his baggy pants*
*Departs with dual, dipping, parting farts*

joni199 said...

but if you think about it, money is power. so if power is the root of evil, in this times money is it, because without money your are nobody

if you happen to be a billionaire...