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Monday, August 3, 2009

deadly combo*

The complete immersion of pacsquatch08 (a term coined by krumbine himself) comes to us today in the form of...

Bacon flavoured Icecream. Mmmmm.


Michael said...

Bacon-flavoured ice cream? That really sounds horrid.

How exactly does it embody pacsquatch08? I guess I don't know you well enough to see the connection.

LupineLooPine said...

Obsquatch loves bacon Michael, as much as Heather loves icecream. Bacon is perhaps his virtue, and icecream is her vice... or so she says. Pacsquatch however, to my ears.. or maybe it's just because I'm tired thus making my brain even more messed up than when it is with a bit of sleep.. sounds like a smashed up testicle one shoves up an asshole.

Pacsquatch... it kinda rolls out of the hips doesn't it, just like a shit covered smashed up testicle.

"You better shut up or I'm gonna pacsquatch yo ass!"
*covers the balls and whimpers while releasing a slow whistling fart, all the while trembling at a frequency inversely proportional to the rate at which drool trickles down the corners of the mouth of the frightened yet deranged future victim of pacsquatching*

Yeah... that's what I see in my head. But you're right Michael. The merger is kinda weak. A blue headband worn around the nipples of a pair of boobs with pacsquatch08 written on them.. that I get.

Michael said...

A smashed testicle shoved up an asshole? That sounds really disturbing. But I guess it is something you would know a lot about, Lupine.
Sometimes I feel really relieved that I don't have to live inside the mind of Lupine. It sounds like such a creepy and lonely place. But then again, he does have his friendship with Heather, which must really brighten the place up. And it's not like my mind is really any more normal, just less scary and more perverted.
Why am I even talking about all this?
I think a 'pacsquatch' sounds more like a traditional Algonquin ceremony of some sort, probably involving feats of strength and flashing of boobs.

Ibrahim said...

Well, my being a Muslim notwithstanding, that seems like a really yucky idea... Meat flavoured ice cream?


Base treachery Heather, base treachery.

btw, LOVE the redesign!

old hack said...

while this sounds absolutely disgusting. they sell bacon ad maple doughnuts at my favorite cafe and they're quite delicious

noel said...

Jaysus....i think ill stick with the goin-cheap-cos-its-nearly-out-of-date ben and jerrys,cookie dough flavour,yumma!..had a toasted rasher(bacon) sanswich this morn after the night shift,but am curious about that bacon ice got to try everything once..well within reason anyway...have a good weekend Heather

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