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Sunday, August 30, 2009

human hybrids

Did you know that the human body contains ten times more bacteria cells then human cells? Without which we would have serious problems making vitamins, breaking down garbage foods, and even maintaining our atmosphere and oxygen levels. Technically, we're more bacteria then we are human. Scary thought.


Michael said...

We have bacteria inside our cells, in the spaces between the cells, on the surfaces of the cells, in mucus membranes covering tissues-- they're everywhere. They don't bother me, though. As long as there are lots and lots of harmless bacteria in every available nook and cranny, then it's much more difficult for the scary bacteria to get a foothold. It's when we lose a lot of our bacteria (from overusing antibiotics, for example) that we leave ourselves wide-open for invasion.

Also, if we didn't have bacteria inside us, we wouldn't ever fart, and there would be a lot less comedy.

LupineLooPine said...

Ahh .... there's nothing quite as romantic as the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and a virus.

Short, sweet and to .. the, point? Fuck! I'm going insane!

Kat said...

So then, would drinking a bottle of Listerine be suicide?

Anonymous said...

Symbol of the basic symmetry of the human body, to extend to the universe as a whole.

The Human Dody / The World

The World is a entire physical and mental structure, a organism, and consists of organs, arms and legs. By the time the World reaches adulthood, consists of more than a trillion cells, the basic unit of life. Groups of cells combine and work in tandem to form tissues, which combines to form organs (organ systems).

How many Organs have our World? EUA, EU, JAPAN, CHINA, RUSSIA (in regeneration), INDIA (in formation), AFRICA. G-20 (+-)

EUA // Europe
Brazil // Africa

»We live in a Inverted World
Brazil // Africa
EUA // Europe
Now I'm gonna go run a few simulations.

You run. Simulate. Let me know how it turns out. Keep me posted. Keep me apprised.

if you happen to be a billionaire...