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Friday, August 28, 2009

No one worth possessing can be quite possessed.
- Sara Teasdale


LupineLooPine said...

The extrapolation of this idea... a Utopia filled with such people, will result in the socializing being pointless. Well, technically it is pointless always, all things considered, but meaningful for quite a lot of people. Most people define themselves through the circles they belong to, and this ultimately is associated with their need to be needed. A pair-bond relationship is a very strong circle of two.

I agree that this tends to show a bit of immaturity on "the scale of being a REALLY evolved being". It's in the "above average" spectrum if you will (though I hate using scientific terms in such poor analogies, but I do so because other people seem to like them. Damn you people!).
So in this utopia there will be social interactions, but none that will be significant or meaningful to any of the individuals involved. Why socialize in that case? Wouldn't it make more sense for these people to fight harder to achieve that which will make them feel accomplished... the source of their identity, rather than waste time in "idle interaction"?

I hope my point was clear. We always invest emotions into something. Some invest them into social interactions ... to different degrees. I mean, a VERY needy person could invest it into something very undemanding, like meeting a person in a cafe (or I guess like that Terrence guy who was trying to get you to go on a date with him. Emotional investment right after asking for a light. He plays it cool... real cool). In my opinion, one should either be in the domain of needy social interaction, where the act helps people define themselves, or they should invest their energies solidly into the things they desire and just invest their emotions there. I guess I'm getting at saying that one should only focus on those things in which one would desire to invest one's emotions ideally, but into which we don't for a lot of pussy shit reasons. For instance, let's assume you're successful in writing at every moment of time. By this I mean you have your own standard and understanding of improvement in your subject, and you satisfy this with your actions at all times... or at least let's say on average over a time span of a week or so, you satisfy this criterion. If that was the case, would you bother on the other activities? My argument is no. But it's impossible to always be growing like that at all times, and so when we crash, sometimes the soft pillow of pointless socializing helps... BUT we are nothing more than shameless manipulators of other "less evolved" beings at this point then. There's something that seems inherently wrong about...something that doesn't equate.. to me of course, just my fucking moral code saying that. One may argue and say "I never stated the condition as so... I never stated that this was meant to be an emotional interaction". BUT, I think this ought to be tacitly assumed when dealing with people, at least in considering the normal range. One should expect friends and family to be needy... sadly. It's a statistical phenomenon. If you find someone who is mature in the sense meant earlier, then that's all well and good. But the interaction with such a person is unlikely, even through the odd hyperbolic medium of the internet.

Ok... I know this was rambly and not so well constructed... but there is substance should one look. It's more stream of consciousness. I promised a comment (tacitly implying a long one) and I hope I fulfilled it. It's kind of all over the place and kind of pertains to your last few posts as well. lol. Yes obsquatch, if you're reading this I just said lol... LOL you lolfucked lolbear!
So yea Pacy.. I'm reaching the end of my self imposed internet time, determined through calculations to be most optimal in allowing me to do my work as well as catch up on silly stuff. I might stop this silliness if it's pointless, but till then I hope you have fun. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to violate Kat's blog in similar fashion.

achigurh said...

possession is nine-tenths of the law

if you happen to be a billionaire...