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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Bright & Full of Lies

Look up to the sky
To see inside her eyes
So bright, and full of lies.
She’s hiding.

Follow the tears
That never come
It’s all ending
So she’ll just run

her smiles fade
and laughter stops
so confused
from all this talk

Pretending for a while
That it’s all a silly game
And she’s still a child
Running wild

Temporary pretending
That life is perfect
And her feelings are buried
Beneath the surface

Desperate to wonder,
Worried about nothing
She falls in slow motion
As the worlds rushing


sissaphim said...

looked tword the heavens,
beholding her true eye,
a spoken truth,
beams of light cascade the lie,
ready to pounce.

stalking rain
fruitless to fall,
pale from a days work
stuck in the sun.

Day by day
words assembled,
into her mind
they like to ramble .

"...its all a fucking joke..."
a lie within a truth.
at least children
seem not to care.

only for a moment
imagine life in perfect,
death beneath us
along with her circus.

Ravished for awe,
Anxiety submersed
Elastic time holes bend,
As God decides the end.

if you happen to be a billionaire...