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Thursday, September 10, 2009

be offensive. be inappropriate. be vulgar.

My blog has been officially fucked. She is a spam virgin no more and has lost her sweet sweet e-cherry pie. As it turns out, she also happens to have released a dirty whore from somewhere deep down inside herself. She got fucked again, and again, and again. Someone opened up a whole box of spam and dished it out from all angles. And someone did it all with unbelievable persistence. And someone did it all in Japanese. Someone who I am guessing is named...熟女サークル. I'm a curious little kitty, and enlisted the help of Daichen who has confirmed it is indeed useless to me, and posted only with the hope of recruiting prostitutes. So... I'm sitting here thinking there must be a hidden meaning somewhere. Maybe this is my calling. To have Asian men pay me loads of cash for sex. Or Asian women. Are there muff munching hookers? I bet in Japan there is. Japan has everything, including some porn I would very much like to have seared out of my brain. Girl on girl prostitution needs to be explored further.... deeper. Instead of condoms, you bring dildos. It's perfect. Vulgarity breeds creativity. So "stay creative." And sub to krumbine because he gets off on it, and that's his line. Check out this post to see the overload of japanaction.


LupineLooPine said...

God damned google, why you gotta eat my comment like that man? Whadid I e'er do 2 u?

As I said earlier before Google screwed me like a drunk Italian does a lobster... How could you?! I've been spamming your stuff diligently ever since I've been spamming your stuff. For you to say that this Japanese fuckwit is the thief of your spammerginity just hurt me. You shoved your arm down my throat, jammed a dildo into my prune of a heart, and vibrated the tachycardiac blob to its fibrillated climax (hmmm... I never thought repeating the line would be as much fun the second time... but it is). I wish thee well miss. Ne'er you mind. All you've done is shattered a Lupine. Oh the angina caused out of all this talk about things done to your e-vagina.

Heather Maria said...

It's not spam if I like it.

You could be considered my blogs first blowjob. Because she puts up with your cum in her mouth. She must be getting quite good by now. A few more Lupinessays and she'll be teaching classes.

Keep it up mister.

achigurh said...

aha!, i always knew that tigger bitch was the real Mr. Pink!

but winnie..nah he wasn't Mr. Blonde, he shoulda been Nice Guy Eddie

Michael said...

I think you'd make a great Japanese Lesbian hooker!
(That's like my dream job, you know. Too bad I'm not qualified.)

if you happen to be a billionaire...