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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Crew Letter*

*Edited for your pleasure.
So some loyal crew members of Michael Bay bitched about Megan Fox and I posted the long, childish message here, deciding to take it down and write my own version instead.
Dear Megan Fox,
It must be nice, to be you. I bet some of your wildest dreams have just been handed to you lately. Fame, riches, power. Hollywood's next Angelina Jolie. A sex icon around the world. A fantasy to millions. And now, a bitch with an ungrateful, unprofessional reputation. It's one thing to be honest, and another to be stupid. I bet Michael Bay has friends, and I bet you knew that before you decided that comparing him to Hitler on record would be a damn good idea. It's your own future your fucking with, not his. There are millions of beautiful girls in the world and the movie industry doesn't waste time recycling out the bad ones.Be a bitch if that's who you are, but at least be good at it, and know when being a bitch, is just code for fucking yourself over.
Heather Maria

Actually, while I'm at it...
Dear Olivia Wilde,
I'd take you over Megan any day, any time, any where.
All my love,
Heather Maria


Michael said...

I never pay any attention to Hollywood gossip. Until I read this I had no idea who Megan Fox was (although I had heard the name), or Michael Bay. Now I still don't know, except that they're involved with the Transformers movies, which I haven't seen.

I have nothing to add here, but I haven't commented on your last few blogs and I really felt like I should say something, just to be polite.

LupineLooPine said...

I saw the comment earlier and was wondering why the hell the "Megan bashing post" was taken down. I didn't finish that, but I'd gladly take your version with pics that highlight her bitchiness quite well. I too like Michael (the guy above, not Bay) am clueless about Michael Bay and Olivia Wilde and most other Hollywood stuff. I have heard of Megan Fox though.. but, and please don't tell Obsquatch this... I haven't seen the Transformers movie. I don't know any of her works and with the exception of her name, she pretty much draws a blank from me.

Kudos for a good smack down of a bitch's bitch.

Michael said...

I commented on the original version, I guess. Not what's here now.

I still have nothing to add, except that I don't know who Olivia Wilde is at all.

I can be incredibly ignorant at times.

Anonymous said...

Michael, you know who Olivia Wilde is (probably), you just don't know her by her real name. She's the hot, bi-, doctor (13) on House, MD. As for Megan... I think Heather pretty much summed her up.

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