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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Smart smart lady. And I mean killer-smart... not I-think-I'm-smart-so-please-like-me (and killer-sexy too). Make a photo for her and I'll love you forever. Come on. All the cool kids are doin it. Her youtube is here, and her blog is here. I follow both perpetually. I would very much recommend that you do too. We also share a deep DEEP rooted Obsession with this man.


Kat said...

Hahahaha.. Obs is quite the addiction, isn't he?
Thanks for the plug, m'lady. (pun not intended)

Its funny, if I were to think of a way to express, without exaggerating, how... umph.. you are... I'd use the word "killer" too. Behind absolutely every word used to describe you.

Killer eyes.
Killer smile.
Killer wit.
Killer mystery.
Killer...... allure.

Love you forever already.

Zveshi said...

I already did :) A long time ago.

if you happen to be a billionaire...