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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Boxes

Death, destruction, drinking, drugs, distraction, devilmas, disturbia, depression, delusion.

My life is being haunted by words that begin with the letter D. I blame the darkside. And yeah... okay, one is a fictitious holiday, and one is a Rihanna song.... but that's beside the point. To quote someone way too cool for me. "I don't really have a point."

If you don't know or can't guess who said that, then go away (right now) - you don't deserve to be reading my blogs.

And YES, since this is MY blog I can kick you the fuck out. Metaphorically of course... since I'm pretty sure there is no way of me even knowing who reads this shit. I thought I was underground... all sneaky and undetected... but it seems people have started discovering my little corner of insanity. That's okay with me though, I enjoy rambling off loads of bullshit that I know people will later be trying to make some sense out of... and fail horribly.

So you wanna know whats up with me? You're oh so interested in my life... and have come to read my oh so interesting blog?

Take a good look around, spend a little time deciphering the messages, and I think we'll get along just fine.

Welcome to the little corner of the internet where I write the rain.


if you happen to be a billionaire...