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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lost and found.

We all exist completely in the world we’ve created for ourselves. The simple ability to comprehend who we are, and grasp at the strings of our own consciousness, has forever crippled our ability to be completely unbiased. It is impossible to be sincerely objective. Everything that we do, or say, or think is a product of what we have experienced. Even what would be considered typically objective decision making, rests entirely on your definition of the word. We all take the time to analyze our own truth, finding relevance when the right buttons are pushed, finding meaning when the clock strikes midnight, finding what you want to find, even when it’s not what you thought you were looking for.


LupineLooPine said...

First off, yea... you just found a way to out-awesome yourself.
I'll just squeeze the last drops from my tank before I crash.

What you said is not generally true. What I mean is that if a person analyzes his or her reality.. past, present and future, it is possible for that person to stumble upon a general truth. Being ABSOLUTELY unbiased is neither possible nor required. I don't exactly know what you mean by unbiased in this way, but I'll elaborate with an example. Saying, 2 is greater than 1 could be considered as having a bias. I have a system, where 2 is 1 and 1, and so in turn 2 is greater than 1.


Well, it's generally true... plus it explains a lot of other things. There is a great feature to physical Nature and even reality in general, in that the more some set of assumptions can explain, the more true it is. Usually, the assumptions will be fewer as it explains a certain limit. So if a person constructs theories to explain his or her own reality, it may appear true.. but on further application to other people, or situations different than what the person is presently experiencing... it could fails I know this was the point you got at in the post, but it is wrong to say that a person will always end up down this path, just for not being completely unbiased. The perspective could just fail in very minor ways.

Now the REAL truth is, social reality HAS no truth other than "all perceived truths are statistical and is due to multiple factors". To live by what is observed statistically, we have to introduce some bias because we too have our own predisposition. Rather than calling it a bias, consider it a correction. We're like reality polaroids, favouring reality in some way, out of our nature.... moulded largely by experience, and to get the right "intensity", we have to tilt ourselves at some angle. We are not flawless to look at the bigger picture flawlessly... if that makes sense to you. I can't take a global view of the human race.. functionally, and make it work simultaneously with the fact that I live. No one succeeded in doing that, not even Gandhi... and fuck, did he try!
But back to the statistical point. I can say people are stupid (provided the present factor of the nature of our society which promotes laziness in thought and action remains the same), which will hold true for a collection of a hundred people... and will be more so with the more number of people I check. But does that mean no smart person could exist... that I couldn't stumble upon one? Of course not. Our stupidity makes us come up with simplifying answers to all such assumptions we have based on statistical truths. How wise or unwise these things are depends on the nature of the person and understanding what is best for him or her. All this requires .. imagination. It requires thinking of yourself in different situations, and really understanding the why questions.. why do you like doing the things you do, why do you have the desires you presently do, etc,ETC,ETC! And when you're done with that to some extent (whatever drove you to ask all these questions is irrelevant), you can have some understanding of yourself. That's not a truth though... the truth would be the underlying system that brought about your state (whatever it is that you now understand)...a combination of the facts (largely) of you being selfish, lazy, naive and your environment.

Ok, I think that's sufficient rambling and procrastination for one night. I'm sorry I couldn't organize it better, but I hope you can understand. I just let it flow, and hopefully it makes sense to you. I'll discuss it some day with you in as much detail as I possibly can, without inconveniencing the presently unfortunate followers of your blog.

Ben. said...

Where do i stand at this moment of life, in this community of this world i call my own-to comment right here, right now? I dont know, but i agree with you, Heather Maria.

([*.:.*]) said...

The magic of the sum of all your cells?
The magic of the sum of all my cells?
The magic of the sum of all cells of The World?

Are you a cell of this World??? And what cell will you be. Energy cell...
How the human body produces energy?

just a thought...a World thought

if you happen to be a billionaire...