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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Culture Qualms

I drift through a seasonless world. Building up immunities to the heat wave trails, day long traffic attacks, sweat soaked road sweepers and street beggers. I laugh, but not all my laughter. I cry, but not all my tears. I smile. I nod politely. I have mastered the inherent art of avoiding eye contact. I hate avoiding eye contact. I hate polite nods. I want to laugh until I cry, and stand still for a minute. “But it’s different here.” What a twisted excuse. It’s different everywhere. What is it about “culture” that makes us swell up with pride? Some traditions are irrelevant. Only accepted because we humans are persistent animals intent on hoarding the familiar. Separating ourselves. Creating herds, packs, groups. Inventing the word ‘exclusive.’ Eye contact. Fuck. How important do you really think that tradition is? It’s not even “eye contact” at all. It’s just looking at someone’s eyes. We all have tedious customs drilled into our very natures, and I suppose a few different people decided looking at someone’s eyes must have a deeper cause behind it.. or two.. or five.. or ten. Then they categorized us. By location. Oh yes. Find true meaning in your physical point on the crust of the Earths surface. It’s not interesting, it’s meaningless and I will not concede to indifference or acceptance of these habitual conformities. I will, however, admit I am not brave enough to try and boldly look at the eyes of those who don’t think like I do. I don’t have the patience to try and explain this theory to everyone I meet or the ability to actually care about the endless stream of argument and misinterpretation that comes after. But it’s bullshit. Deep down you know the little things like that are just pure, steaming, heaped in piles of sweaty smelly dirty bullshit. Hiding in the corner under the tradition table. And most of us have been living on that table for so long, we can’t even smell the shit anymore.


Michael said...

So how soon are you returning to your original country and culture?
Do you think it will seem strange once you're back, or will you be too caught up with all the old familiarities? Or maybe some of both?
I don't even know how long you've been in the Philipines. Maybe it's only been a year or so, and you still haven't adjusted much, so Canada will simply feel normal.

I don't know. I've never been farther away than a bordering state, so I haven't really seen other cultures to any real extent. But then again, even Texas feels odd to me, and I live in Oklahoma. You probably wouldn't even notice a difference between the two.

LupineLooPine said...

Well, I've put myself "out there".. out here. It's so fucking sad that you're one of the few people on the same wavelength as me in the areas that matter... deep shit and zany crap :\

Yea, I know it's not Christmas.. again. We've actually got some holidays here...a week, and well, since I'm chatting with folks I know IRL on the net (since I guess they're too cheap.. or in any case, too logical, to speak on the phone for extended periods of time), I thought I'd drop by.

Regarding the bullshit thing.... customs are fine so long as they can be justified. Whatever matter gets closer to the truth is fine, and the litmus test for truth is consistency... and a good lack of contradictions. Quite a lot of things are just there because they've been there... as you've said... and you're absolutely right. For instance, looking into someone else's eye would have a reason. Well, what is it? To check character? No, that's wrong. It could be that the person is a shy and has a great character... like Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac. On the other hand, a trained dumbfuck like George W.Bush will stare you right in the eye and lead you into war. So much for the validity of that claim. And so on. Keep asking questions and THEN call things out as bullshit when the contradictions form a heaping pile of rancid matter. Sure enough, most social norms are full of shit and are incongruent with basic truths such as the equality of races (with respect to more important issues such as quality of life, human rights, and the like) and sexes. I call these basic truths since they have a biological underpinning (if you are planning on running out to post data on differences in intelligence and the likes after a google search on things you know nothing about, please do consider socio-economic details, the very important detail as to what intelligences the intelligence tests do cover, i.e. "test", as well as the broader aspects to my point. Oh.... and don't be stupid. If you will be, hope that I will be in a good mood on viewing your response).

Speaking of ending bullshit, I think I've said enough.
Hope your altruistic plan in the Philly's went according to plan ma lady, as well as that favour that was frightening you so :).

Yeah, I miss you. Other people suck. They really do dammit. Such a pity that a pot loving, word masturbating writer who is miles away (<-- that's the pitiable point in case I wasn't clear enough.. the miles away part) has the mind I can best communicate with. Why are you so god damned rare? Why isn't there one fucking person I can discuss serious shit with or who can understand my looniness (or both!) in my area. There's you, Ob and Kat... that's it. Wtf is up with that? Why is the human race so dull?

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