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Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, after reading John Greens books, I became overwhelmed with highschool lovestory ideas of my own, but try as I might, could not get started. Over and over again I wrote the first chapter, realizing every female character I tried to make into the protagonist, turned into some slightly more appealing version of myself. And so.. I've decided to do the unthinkable, and write from the perspective of a guy - very much like John Green has done - who is falling for the version of myself I choose to write. So far, it has impressed me much more then my first efforts, and while I'm only on chapter two, and the devil only knows it all still needs a lot of work, I figured Id post the first little paragraph anyways. I have no working title, so bare with me, and jump right in.

"The flick of my adolescent life’s very first domino happened in ninth grade when my historically crumbling high school decided locker partners would be the simplest way to deal with the sudden surge in student enrollment. Assigned locker partners. “Shoji…you’re with Lindsey,” my teacher called out as I summoned a rare moment of bravery and allowed myself one fleeting glance. The gorgeous creature that was Lindsey Swan swirled out of her chair and, although I had every intention of playing it cool, this particular girl had perfected the art of inherent seduction. I stared helplessly as she swung her perfect legs to one side of the desk, threw me a polite smile and in one majestic movement, swept up and plucked a lock from the cardboard box near the door. I was busy thanking God for both springtime and miniskirts when I realized she was looking at me. Oh yeah… Shoji Katō. That was me. I paused for another moment to curse my overly proud Japanese father for not giving me a normal name, stumbled awkwardly out of my chair and then out the door. In the thirteen steps it took me to reach the locker, I ripped apart my brain trying to plan the perfect thing to say."

If it helps, Lindsay Swann is NOT who he falls in love with. Stay tuned, I may just be prompted to divulge more as it comes along.


Michael said...

This is very good so far. Words seem to flow very naturally for you.

(Whenever I've written fiction, or tried to, I've usually written from the female point of view. It just seems to work better that way.)

GD said...

This is totally off topic, but ran into some of your youtube vids and u mentioned something about appreciating your work, aside from the 'provocative' topics, like the things you post on your blog, etc. And I guess I see why you said that...I must say, some pretty awesome stuff here and there. Keep doing you.

P.S. If you're actually from Manila, is everything getting slightly better there? It's not much, but tried sending some unused clothes and such from here in Canada, to there. A few friends organized it, since we have lots of family there. Plus, it's the least we can do. Anyway, if you actually do live in the Phil. then hoping and praying that things are getting better there, truthfully. Feel free to msg back, if u want...totally up to you.

Ben. said...

Very good HM. Seems to flow quite well.

if you happen to be a billionaire...