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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I hate people who try to rationalize evil and claim Hitler, or Stalin, or any other manic tyrant to be brilliantly intelligent. Sure, they were infatuated with power, and at some point all managed to fuck up the whole world. But if they were smart, truly smart in my definition of the word, they would have realized that their motives were fuckin crazy from day one… and no amount of blood overflowing the streets would make any of it any better. Smart people avoid death, destruction and chaos, because they don’t need it to accomplish their rise to power. It’s the weak and heartless that fall back to the fear mongering, the epitome of controlling the masses, the cowards excuse to murder rape and pillage in the name of their cause. Of course, that means we as a world race… must be REALLY fucking stupid, because we fall for it, over and over again. Learning nothing from history. Re-writing the same malicious stories with different coloured inks. Justifying our own apathetic attitudes and blindly following the leader without question.


Andrew said...

It is the devil that is responsible for all the evil, not God. Daah. So when we wage wars we are fighting the powers of evil.

Say hello to Beelzebub, if you see him.

GOD said...

dear H,
stop asking why and just do what you're told.

your friendo,

P.S. here's wishing you and all Canadians good luck in the upcoming Vancouver Olympics

Anonymous said...

"Why?" Well it wouldn't be much of a test of who you are and what you are made of if you did't have a lot of obstacles and adversities.

Anonymous said...

True, you can't say what he did was genius. Ignorant and well, inevitably the death of himself. However, he set out to do something and did it at all costs. Standing up for something you believe in was taken to a new level for that man. Is there any justification for that? Isn't that what were breed to do from childhood. Be all you can be? Don't let anyone stop you from being or doing what you want to do in life? Good or bad, he accomplished what he set out to do. Well almost!

Michael said...

I think the biggest problem with Hitler, Stalin, and all such people is their extreme arrogance and faith in their own greatness. So many people believe that they can remake society and eliminate all its problems, because they know the right way for things to be done. The murder and destruction simply comes because others don't always agree with them, and the horrors that are needed to let the plan progress are just a small price to pay for the greatness that will follow.

But it isn't just the great tyrants that feel this way. This mindset is nearly universal among politicians, and even determined activists. They might not be as comfortable with murder and destruction as Hitler or Mao, but they share the goal of forcing others to fit their mold for society. It's always for their own good, after all.

This is why I always cringe at any plan to coerce others, even if I like the goal they are being coerced towards.

I think it's better just to live your own life, let others live theirs, and be nice to each other whenever you can.

tennisdude818 said...

If Hitler was a smart general you would be writing this blog in German right now. Hitler was a horrible general, he was just good at gaining popularity.

LupineLooPine said...

Fuck me for missing this! This line particularly caught my attention...

"Why do we have to fight against our very natures everyday, just to avoid the darkness?"

That's more true than most would probably believe. I think you meant it in a different sense though. I don't think it's in our nature to go overboard and fuck others up.... it's in our nature PROVIDED we turn a blind eye to other pieces of information, which, were people aware of them, they would certainly not act.... either in their "nature", or ... as in the case of the Nazis "nature raised to five".Going overboard on the selfishness, greed, etc and being willfully ignorant of reality.... that's the danger. It can be averted quite easily, especially these days.

Hmmm... I guess I have something to say about this line as well "Smart people avoid death, destruction and chaos, because they don’t need it to accomplish their rise to power."

I was going to leave a bit of a clarification on that point, but I think I got it just in time :\. You should elaborate just a teensie weensie bit and say "Smart power hungry people avoid..." . Smartness and intelligence in general doesn't have to deal with power, or with death and destruction. Certain empty fucks are interested in those things.

Tripp Hudgins said...

Damn. Why did I wait so long to visit.

Welcome to The Question...Thank you for this post. Are we fallen or damned? Is there grace? If so, then what does it look like? We are sinnerly saints, as one friends suggests. Yep. I am my own bummer. There's no other way around it.

You rock my world, woman. Get some sleep, would ya?

if you happen to be a billionaire...