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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PAPER TOWNS by john green

I must admit, I have a new found deep rooted respect for vlogbrother John Green and his female protagonist in this book. Margo Roth. Even her first and middle name sound dangerous, mysterious, dramatic. And she is most definitely all those things. The girl that turns everyone into a yes man. Undeniable and unabashed, she is endearing and imperfect in a perfect way. I'm a little bit in love with Ben and his honeybunny addiction, as well as Radars hacking abilities. The journey started to drag out at some point along the way though. While I like anticipation as much as the next person, it was lacking side plot for the last few chapters. I suppose that's just an inner validation when the truth is I just wanted to see more of Margo. I wanted her to show up in the middle of his adventure and help him solve the mystery, or lead him to a new, even more exciting mystery that they could solve together. Of course that would never work. The whole point of Margo was that she needed to run off and get away from all the triviality that bored her existence into a little rabbit hole. She needed to dig and keep digging, far from the paper town and paper people she had come to resent. Maybe it's because I associated myself so strongly with her that I became so tired of Quentin's journey. I resolved myself halfway through that even if he did find her and she wasn't dead, I knew there would be no happily ever after. That wasn't Margo. And so I was doomed to feel a little put off and couldn't enjoy the end of this book. I liked it. I really liked it even - but 3 stars is all I have to offer. 5 for Margo, minus 2 because of all the pages she wasn't there.


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