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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

callous disregard for youtube admirers

Today I finally checked my youtube mail, something I have come to believe is a very subtle type of torture. Not knowing what words I’m about to see, or if I have the willpower to disregard the negative ones. I hope that you, dear reader, are smart enough to gather that… today, I failed in the attempt. Hence the title of this post, which comes from yet another David. What is it with that name and the useless desire to try and tell me all about myself? No offense Dear David W, but I don’t owe you anything. Never have and never will. So call me evil, or disgusting, or exclusive… call me whatever the fuck you want actually, just don’t waste my time by writing it all out and pressing send. I am not one of those youtube super egos that replies to every comment or message left by a fan, no matter how admiring you might be. Ask some long time followers, even the ones in my “privileged little circle of beautiful people”. I fall off the radar easily, and don’t enjoy typing out the same answers to the same damn questions I’m asked over and over again. You are free to interpret that lack of action in whichever way your judgment-clouded mind sees fit… but you won’t be right. In thanks to your recent bout of assumption driven bullshit… you won’t ever get the chance to stumble across any sincere realization of the girl typing behind this screen, and by now, wouldn’t want to anyways. So either we’ve both just won, or we’ve both just lost. I’m not sure… but I am sure I don’t give enough of a fuck to wonder about it even one more second.

All my love,
Heartless bitch Heather-Maria.


Michael said...

Now I'm all worried again about some of the messages I've sent you.
I don't recall ever saying anything hostile, but I did ask if you were ever going to make videos again. And I'm sure you get that from a lot of people. So I hope you weren't too annoyed.

I'm always afraid that I'm annoying people. I think I'd still worry about it even if you replied nicely to everything I ever sent.

I hope you had a happy Devilmas.

Heather Maria said...

Okay Mike.... here's the deal. Straight, harsh, honest truth.

You thinking you're annoying, annoys me. So don't do it anymore. Not here at least. I expect no validation from you, and you dont need it from me either. Say what you want to say without all the guilt over nothing. In fact, because I am indeed feeling heartless at the moment, let's do away with any and all future messages or comments that are apologetic in ANY way, sense or form. Don't over think everything so negatively. Just be real.

krumbine said...

You know, just because:

I'm sorry.

if you happen to be a billionaire...