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Friday, December 11, 2009

define yourself

heather maria [hɛðər məˈriə] heth-er muh-ree-uh
1) notably elusive creature, infatuated with the written word, needlessly argumentative, steadfast in morals and men, gives in to escapism
2) chameleon of unknown natures and origin, can be associated vaguely to the symbol ‘?’
3) eccentric pretender
4) avid realist


Michael said...

Michael [mai-kul, mai-kl]
A dorky goofball, with a tendency to write stupid comments even when he has nothing to say, hopelessly devoted to Heather Maria

taking the Michael-
British expression for shattering another's confidence, ego, or dreams, through the use of playfull insults [from Michael(n)[see above], whose confidence is easily destroyed]

Anonymous said...

I'm the contrary of the image you have of me... but, that to is a image....!!!

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