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Saturday, January 23, 2010

list from last night.

Rule number one: Avoid all things of the miniskirt and heels persuasion when embarking upon a drunken adventure
Rule number two: Begin said adventure much much later than 5pm
Rule number three: Do not begin said adventure at all… if feeling sad or upset.
Rule number four: Do not believe that beer can, or will, drown away all your troubles.
Rule number five: Do not shop in side-of-the-road boutiques if wasted
Rule number six: Realize that….yes, tiger print does make you look like a slut.
Rule number seven: Avoid changing into new dress in public places.
Rule number eight: Do not accompany American tourist friend to strip clubs.
Rule number nine: Do NOT, under any circumstances, let the girls convince you to dance on stage
Rule number ten: Read this list every weekend, and try not to break EVERY rule in one night.


Christian said...

Of what you see, believe only half and nothing of what you hear.

Michael said...

How many rules should you break in one night? I think you can go up to four.

eowms2004 said...

It is all good as long as you wake up at home still wearing the tiger print miniskirt.

chaser said...

whoa....tiger print is slutty?....really? damn it

Anonymous said...

Hey it's okay, chaser... as long as you don't break the other 9 rules in the same night.

if you happen to be a billionaire...