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Monday, January 25, 2010

You zealots say my smoking is affecting my judgement. -- I say to you... your judgement is affecting my smoke.

Step away.


Michael said...

Are those sickos STILL harrassing you? I had hoped they'd have given up by now.

Well, please remember that there are a lot of us who support you. We're just not as vocal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm 34 female. I am clicking around youtube and for some reason, I find this thing you did on Smoking/weed but didn't quite get it, so curosity gets the best of me (story of my life) and I watch some of your other stuff. Some of it's quite interesting and some seems to be beyond me so I don't get it. Your into smoking which I totally get ( 2 packs a day and have never regretted one) your into weed which I totally get I have a shitty job so I smoke before work just about every day which makes my lungs and body feel really good, so thats all good. your into fucking so thats all good, but I don't get the books stuff. I would be interested in what your getting into there.


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