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Monday, March 15, 2010

blame humanity.

The human race is not evolving. We still have the same damn questions that have always been around. Why are we here? Why do things matter? What is life? What is time? What is death? Sure, we can talk to each other through little internet cages, and fly to the moon and all those other brilliant technological advances in the scientific part of who we are… but what about the other parts? There has to be more than science, and it seems like no matter how much we can make from rocks, trees, tools and industry… there is never any change in what we really understand philosophically. Why aren’t there research facilities all over the world spending billions on answering the oldest questions ever known? Instead, the money is used to build guns, to kill others, to make more money, to make more guns, to kill more people. Anyone else see something wrong in this pattern? Why do all governments seem to have one of two mantras: 1) Keep them sick and scared and always living for the future. Buy now, spend your whole life paying later! Glorify the stretch limo Superclass, and sell the ultimate and impossible dreams of endless money, power and fame. Or 2) Keep them poor and starving so you can eat your meals served on golden plates and greed your way to an excessive and beautiful life. Corrupt everything and die with fat pockets in a suffering world. Why is religion still the best answer we can guess at, and why are we so adamant to prove we’re already right, that we call it “faith” and say it’s a miracle?
Why aren’t more of us… asking why?

THIS, is the human race. You, me, us… collectively fucking the world (and each other) into something I’m ashamed to think we consider intelligent life. So satisfied with nothing of substance. So distracted, and apathetic. So quick to follow the one eyed man… but the world’s not blind… just blindfolded. We sink deep into our perfectly lethargic furniture, stare blankly at a big black hole where brains go to die for a few hours, microwave dinner and say with a smile… “Gee… this is nice.” It’s not nice. Having big shiny toys and a big shiny life… is not enough. I’m going to go so far as to say… fuck science. Fuck science for creating the means to build the “things” in life that have no purpose except to be better than the other guys. No conclusion. No happy ending. No moral to the story. This is our world… and we hold all blame for the way it’s turned out.


MLJ said...

you want to know why? its in the humans nature. its in the living beings nature to be competitive and maximize fitness. and decreasing other people's fitness raises your own fitness. if you look at it so relatively, its a no brainer "why" science is the way you are saying it is. Thats just the way any biological communities work. before you ask all these whys, consider the question "when our positions are switched, will the poor and the starving give to me?".

by the way, dont know if you'll ever get to see this, but your features remind me greatly of shania twain, ^_^.

achigurh said...

thanks for caring 'bout us humans friendo. listen here girlie, now when ya stumped or just don't feel like its goin' what i do. ya see when i ain't feelin it, i get me a couple of dem marshmellow peanuts. them's tasty and dell make ya feel happy.
A. Chigurh

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