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Thursday, March 25, 2010

siesmo caos.

A dark tirade is coming. I can feel the poison trickling it's way through my mind. It's because I notice the mirrors more now… always reflecting an imperfect world. A whole civilization melting away into the meaningless. Work, buy, spend, pay. A beautiful circle of nothing. Just like the zero key.
I’m waiting. For the silence to end. I’m waiting for all of us to wake up and scream at what we had become. The moral compass is not broken.. but stolen, and realigned. Now I can’t tell if those are angels or devils burning below me.


LupineLooPine said...

Quite timely. I'm going through one of my misanthropic spells as well... fed up with the pointlessness of reality. People just choose to not grow ... choosing to sit in their invented worlds of comfort, that crumble under any real scrutiny from the standpoint of reality. I've been tolerant over the past few months of this stupidity.... but I fear what you just mentioned... a vicious tirade, perhaps on one of these "agents" of stupidity.

Ah.. never mind. No need to vent out any more bits of my rage on your blog. My point being that we're just disliking the same property from two *slightly* different standpoints, different only on account of the way we define what it means "to live".... and I'm kind of glad that someone gets how big a pile of unbearable bullshit societal reality really is. I'm not alone! Woo fucking who-hoo-poo-poo! You continue to impress me miss; keep up the hatred for stupidity... both of people and their corresponding reality.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Give Matthew B. Crawford's book, Shop Class As Soulcraft a perusal if you want evidence that the silence is coming to an end. Civilization dissolves into meaninglessness when it defines itself as a consensual hallucination that is a composite of the idiosyncratic, the subjective and the self-obsessed. When everything is relative, socially speaking, how you live becomes a function of your external "lifestyle choices", which are in turn projections of your internal whims. Oddly, the range of "choice" as expressed in your typical Busy Modern Lifestyle seems to come down to ticking off some menu items from the same old list of irrelevant differences. Differences that are devoid of any meaningful distinction, yet which all manage to serve the interests of some invisible, distant locus of oligarchic capital. Subjectivity to the point of solipsism becomes a Good Thing in the ideal worker/consumer because it is anchored to nothing real and is therefore easily manipulated. So one's choice of, oh, let's say a smart phone, becomes crucial because it's so much MORE than an expensive, flash gadget. No, it's an important identifier of your "unique" personality which you can express through your choice of an array of "customized" plastic covers!

What does Crawford suggest? To resist the stupidification of work and the idiocy of compulsive consumption. How? Find, and/or develop pockets of mindful work that are inherently situated in a community and which resist remote-control "globalization". By "mindful" he means any mind, not just yours or mine. This requires work that deals in objective, authoritative realities that are not of one's own invention and are therefore resistant to manipulation by big-money bullshit artists or their minions and proxies. When you work in an office and the boss accuses you of "not being a team player" you know you are in trouble because "team player" is defined by whomever signs the paychecks. If you are on a framing crew and the boss says "your work sucks" you have the option of handing him your framing square, level and plumb bob and telling him, "prove it". If he questions your "attitude" the objective quality of your work will afford you the confidence and self-reliance to find employment with somebody who's less concerned with vague intangibles like "the fit of your personality package with the mission as embodied in the corporate culture". Whatever-the-fuck that means.

Yes, one must wake up and scream. But realize that "waiting for all of us" to realize anything is a path that ends in despair. And, as you point out, your beautiful circle of nothing is just fine with your despair. So long as you keep working/spending.

"The alternative to revolution, which I want to call Stoic, is resolutely this-worldly. It insists on the permanent, local viability of what is best in human beings. In practice, this means seeking out the cracks where individual agency and the love of knowledge can be realized today, in one's own life." -Matthew B. Crawford

Your work is encouraging. YOU are the moral compass that cannot be stolen or re-polarized because Holy Sophia lives in you and through you. She will not be deceived, she will not remain silent.

if you happen to be a billionaire...