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Sunday, June 27, 2010

believe me when i say...


Anonymous said...

I'm tryin.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe me when I say I love you even more? ♥

Anonymous said...

wise words...and true for many people but maybe not all.
Lets say one group sees love as a process..this is logical and true, and therefore, before you say "i love you " to someone, you want to be sure that it's not just a passing infatuation of one kind or another. Not only that but you likely feel that you want some time to feel each other up. Both early and late forms of stated love ( i love you ) equally unfold over time, with the differnce being that the early stated love is going on statistical probability rather than experiential knowledge. (this may be incorrect terminology but hopefully you know what i mean )Ironically, studies* on which love lasts longer, love at first site type love or process love reveal something unexpected: Love based on a personal check list of pre calculated requirements that are generally common to each other, or love at first sight ( or first date) lasts longer than the process based examined love. In terms of marriage, love at first sight marriages have a 24% lower rate of divorce than process love marriages.

* this is all just made up. Maybe some day i'll look up to see if they have any real statistics about this as i never really thought about it before reading your post

Anonymous said...

Looking into this even briefly was depressing, especially the statistics on failed
marriages. Forget instant and processed love.
For some reason liing together seems half assed. The concept of marriage stll interests me but i wouldnt want it to be a game of intrigue between partners--
unless were in on it together -- always. Thinking about this now i have a feeling it might be good for me to try to become more optimistic and supporting of others ...i mean more than I have been generally. I will try to become a more encouraging person. I find myself drawn towards my less
judgemental side more and more lately and becoming more generally accepting as well. The certitude of the cynical outlook on life is less attractive to me than it used to be. The world is full of miserable people but cynicism is not what I choose to reflect out to others. I think part of me may have been released from that trap, perhaps a little wounded but at least aware of it. I'm going to try to be more positive about the current situation here on earth. There are good people around all over and one of my goals is to be less judgmental especially to mean-spirited and miserly people--its possible theyve been through some bad things that they didnt know how to deal with, or that theyre going through a crisis in their lives or something ugly right now.
In a way its interesting and pleasurable but in another its sad that for men life is about wanting to get laid so much. It kind of seems almost strangely seperate or even at a slight distance for me personally at times. Yes I am a man but also an animal who is a animal that just feels sometimes uncomfortable being so tied into all these evolutionary adaptations and traits and then,sadly ,i realize that questioning them is probably just another trait as well.
Its not really depressing as much as it just seems awkward at times.

ps i had a hard time posting this so if any others got through please delete them. The computer froze once and the secomd time the buttons in the comment box didnt work.
Here i go, wish me luck!

if you happen to be a billionaire...