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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

if only for tonight...

Let the usual things shuffle quietly into the background. Forget everything you've been told about how you should be. Tonight, envision all you could be. Suffuse yourself with the possibilities circling into your world at every moment. Spend the night imagining, dreaming and scheming. Dress differently, eat the foods you've never tried. Carry a notebook. Write of things to do, places to go, people to meet, and dreams to realize. Write everything, even if it seems silly. Draw pictures. Cartoons. Stickmen beating each other up. Create something.


Anonymous said...

Great advice on the notebook. Can't have enough of these posts around. THey act to counter the waste of timers saying its not worth it. Give me a good fight and just get me over the hump and im good to go !

Anonymous said...

this is my first journal writing, hopefully not my last

"poets only confuse the world..."

I was not sure how to get into my blogs so im crossing my fingers this is on the blog to this id

unbending river said...

Dead Man's Bells
"we are here"
he shouted from crisp lips
A deep articulated freshness
climbed the glossy sky
future time
night broken

A friendly brawl with
the valley whore woke the
man's white throat

"You have brought me the world"

Beyond the leaves and trees
the air appeared to understand
A mocking bird from nearby spoke
and the dead man's bells echoed in silent laughter

i have 2 journals going now because i wrote in two notebooks by mistake. its fun to want to
write thoughts down sometimes.
i was looking up foxglove related to heart drug(digitox) i saw the dead mans bells listed as another name for the pretty (but poisonous to animals ithink)flowers.
poem is about nature getting into a dreamer..lighthearted ,nothing serious

Anonymous said...

hmm...dead man's whatever lol what a strange post. I can just imagine you reading some of these, not just that one... but other peoples too...theyre creepy sometimes !

Heather, about "the heather mist"
poem on my blog im sorry if that is awkward but i wanted to make sure you thought so,
i am guessing you thougt it was inapropriate and a bad idea to post here....but since im not totally sure i thought i should ask

if you dont like it because of the title that is understandable. i probably should then even remove it or change the name taking the heather out for good...but im not positive how you see it...and its a kind of a fantasy poem in that case.,,but still awkward, if you Do post this back up ill figure its ok to post the heather mist poem here but still might not,and if you Dont post this up ill take it that you dont want to see that here because its inapropriate and perhaps offensive...then out of respct for you ill also rename the poem on my blog taking heather out.

ps, i have become more familiar with some aspects of writing poems
since i first posted here and if nothing else i do have you to thank for that,so thanks. Also for the blog experience too, so ive probably learned an awful lot because of the attraction i have to you. By you i mean what little i know of and that attraction...

thanks ,

rivercat said...

The Heather Mist

like a butterfly airily tiptoes

over petals from a fallen rose

my beloved's name walks gently across my lips
transposed into shimmering echoes of forever


...and thank you again for helping to clear up some of the identity confusion on my blog.

rivercat said...

originally titled Parked in my Heart's Driveway

I don't understand
the tops of letters
leaving me dry
as they fly by
as I preen my self
of their spikes and crowns
they call horns and pricks

that fall behind
like fading orgasms
yellowing in awareness
I'm going fishing for smiles
and as for me (whose
smiling leaves
in finding the next thing)

I wondered why God
with her nouns molecules
atoms and letters
all at the table
would hide in of all things

Crying With A Sense Of Human

if you happen to be a billionaire...