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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"green" humans.

To write: A script set in a time when Earth is so overpopulated, we can no longer grow the resources needed to feed even half the world. A crazy eco-obsessed marine biologist is recruited by a radical green peace organization who try to solve the problems by creating a crossbred symbiotic relationship between plants and humans (based on coral research) by infecting a new breed of single-celled algae under the skin of test subject X. The algae takes high doses of infa-red light and converts that energy into perfect human proteins, sugars and fats, depositing them directly into the body without any waste product or real food needed.

Help me pick a better title. Will post more plot points later (dont want to give it all away)


Buck Redbuck said...

"Synthesis" or "Greenageddon: Attack of the Plant Men"

Jan said...

My ideas:

1) Crossbreed
2) Algae Mortalis

achigurh said...

They Saved Hitler's Stamen

Steve said...

I think you've got a good novel or script idea. Of course, ideas are a dime a dozen. It's getting them written, and sold, that are the hard parts! :)

The title depends on your treatment-- family (thin teenager) comedy, romantic comedy, dark comedy, adventure, thriller, horror, sci-fi, etc., etc. If your treatment isn't comedic, adding science background and research will enhance the book.

Here's my two cents:

Grrrrr . . . eeeen.
Narcissus (G. myth)
Chimera (G. myth)
Symbo or Symb (symbiosis)
Morph or Metamorph (metamorphosis)
Metaman or Meta Man
Losing Human
Talking Trees
Plant, My Love or Plant Your Love
Plant Me or Planting Me
They Planted Me
I, Plant
Green is My Name
Green is My Game
Botanx (Botox + Botany)
Jimmy Botanicus
Green is My Skin
Green is Forever
Green Myth Empty
Green Myth Honey
I No Longer Use the Toilet
Me and Chlorophyl
I See Green

PS: I recall two other people posted with title suggestions. Their posts appear to have been deleted-- presumably admin error. Personally, if I were they, I'd be offended at having gone to the trouble of responding to your request only to have my post disappear. I'd at least post a "thank you" to them, explaining their posts were inadvertently deleted and inviting them to re-post.

Steve said...

Here's another title suggestion (comedy), which assumes the crazy eco-obsessed marine biologist is named Levy:

Green with Levy

Patrick said...

"Rivers of Blood Become Water"

if you happen to be a billionaire...