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Monday, May 2, 2011

osama's death over hyped

"If inciting people to do that [9/11] is terrorism, and if killing those who kill our sons is terrorism, then let history be witness that we are terrorists."

Ironic words spoken by Osama Bin Laden in an Oct 2001 interview. So, when America kills thousands of innocents on foreign soil, it's called 'self-defense? Its considered heroism and patriotism... and when the rebel leader is murdered, a celebration occurs! At least Osama had the balls to admit what he was doing, and why. 9/11 was 10 fucking YEARS ago. How many more people have died since? By the hands of soldiers both American and not. Where is the publicity for those lost lives? Where is the media coverage on the Iraqi civilian death toll? I'd bet my life it is drastically higher then the deaths from the "terrorist" attacks in 2001. This is not only trivial, but ridiculously over-hyped. Just a cozy little blanket to pull over America's inflated head, so they can sleep at night, and think that the 9/11 deaths are now somehow justified. What about justice for every civilian Iraqi that had to die so they could find him? Sure, let's just ignore them because they arent as widely publicized, and pump our fists in the air patriotically over the death of one individual who the media have claimed was resonsible. Nothing has changed, no one is redeemed, and those murders are not ANY less tragic because one man was shot in the head. This is making me angry. I'm already sick of hearing about it.


Anonymous said...

Bin Laden's death is merely pre- U.S. presidential campaign theater. A real-life Kabuki play, where America and Pakistan dance, wearing masks to disguise the demons which have possessed them.

Anonymous said...

PS: Bin Laden

Global Research, a wonderful Canadian think tank, produces thought-provoking articles and reports on political, social and economic topis. For example, this 2006 article from now-defunct Muckraker report:

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11

Global Research

Muckraker website (archives)

Anonymous said...

Masks cartoon . . .

Anonymous said...

take time to understand all of this, or at least think about it. Watch all his videos and descriptions.

Anonymous said...

opinions on that video/description/channel misspacman08?

Heather-Maria said...

havent checked it out yet, doing so now.

Anonymous said...

ok, let me know what you think after you checked it out.

Heather-Maria said...

Yes, Mr Anonymous (can you at least sign your first name once in a while so I dont feel so much like I'm typing to no-one) I have seen some similar videos before, and there is an entire docu out about the numerology behind 9-11. I am less interested in the conspiracy theory motivations behind the attacks, as I am in the actions of the American people who refuse to actually stand united and do something about it. To demand truth, and not hide blindly behind media-induced ignorance.

revolutionizeurface1 said...

I believe we're all being controlled by the media. I notice a lot of patterns in the content of it. Some of this reminds me those masks you talk about. I see a lot of people now days wearing these certain masks. It doesn't seam like they do it for their friends. But to be accepted by the media standards of what a person should be like. And their standards are of people that can't think for themselves but have the media think for them.

nevets said...

This may be what your looking for - multipul checking of data from civilians and sources such as Wikileaks

Steve said...

Reliable estimates of Iraqi 'excess' violent deaths in Iraq are the first Lancet study of 'excess Iraqi deaths due to violence', along with Lancet's updated 2006 study, which estimated the number at 600,000+. There are several later polls and studies with much higher estimates. estimates the currrent Iraqi deaths due to America's war now total over 1.4 million. Of course, ongoing deaths from pollution (white phosphorus and other toxic chemicals, depleted uranium, etc.) will undoubtedly cause millions of deaths and many millions of Iraqis to suffer birth defects, illnesses, etc. The damage to flora and fauna, and long term environmental damage is enormous.

Lancet surveys of Iraq War casualties (Wikipedia)

Iraqi Deaths Due to U.S. Invasion (

Steve said...

Why do Americans allow such things to happen?

Here's my attempt at an answer:

1. Americans are human. Humans have a tendency toward evil (selfishness, fear, greed, lust for power, ingroup and tribal thinking, species exceptionalism, etc.), especially when it comes to world affairs and politics. Powerful countries are, throughout history, almost invariably aggressive, brutal, hypocritical, and predatory. The only factors which make America much different are 1) the here and now is more relevant than the dust of history; and 2) technology. America (and other technological powers) have the power to inflict unparalled destruction on each other, on other species and on Mother Earth.

2. Humans, including Americans, are easily manipulated with propaganda and technology. According to reputable polls, most Republicans in America think Saddam was behind 9-11 and was in cahoots with Bin Laden. In other words, most Americans are deaf, blind and dumb. Pretty much fact-free.

I might point out that Canada seems to be catching the America's vicious idiot disease. Harper and the Canucks have been enthusiastically bombing the shit out of Iraqis and Afghans, torturing, "disappearing", and lying, trying as hard as they can to catch up with America. And most Canadians seem to like it. To give Harper a majority, at least. How do you explain that?

3. Faith

Just as many put their faith in God, so do many put their faith in their leaders. A leading American political commentator wrote a column a few weeks ago, writing to the effect "Obama is smarter than I am. He knows more than I do. He has better intelligence. So I am not going to second guess him. I trust him to do the right things."

4. Fear

In America today, protestors (even nuns and priests) go to prison for years, for doing things like banging a hammer a few times on a chain link fence surrounding a public military installation. In Waco, David Koresh and his followers were burned alive after being attacked with military weapons by the US Government, for defying the authority of the federal government.

5. Lethargy

After a long day at the office, shopping, buying cat food, getting your clothes washed, there is very little energy - or time- left for one to change the universe. What one really needs is to go to bed in order to get up and repeat the process the next morning.

6. Education

Most Americans are brainwashed from infancy, throughout their entire lifetime. It's tough to think out of the box. If one does think independently, one is pooh-poohed as a "conspiracy nut".

7. Who goes first?

The first and most courageous are the ones who get their tombstones footnoted in history books. Does anyone still remember the names of the Chinese demonstrators who were massacred in Tien An Minh Square?

Patrick said...

One of the sickest things about the War is the use of Depleted Uranium. It's only about 40% less radioactive then Uranium. It takes an estimated 4.468 BILLION YEARS before the radioactive isotopes deteriorate. It causes endless amounts of health problems and MAJOR birth defects. The U.S. is raining it down all over the middle east. What else would any responsible nation do when they have so very much of it. It's enough to make me sick to my stomach every time I think about the implications and peoples fucking ignorance to it. What can you do though. Just throw one more problem onto the heaping pile of garbage we never get around to cleaning up.
I haven't the words or energy to rally people into the frenzy I think this deserves. It's hard enough trying to simply educate people. There is so much miss information and convenient double truths to subjects like this. An example being this debate whether Depleted Uranium causes birth deformities or not. It's known that exposure to radioactive material causes birth defects and mutations and still the WHO refuses to acknowledge that long term exposure to this substance (which is going to be in the water, plant and animal life people consume. It's also going to be in the very the ground these people are walking on) is going to destroy the people it comes into contact with. What do we do in a world where so many of us are quick to turn a blind eye?

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