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Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 words to say goodnight.

adumbrate (verb)
to produce a faint image or resemblance of; to outline or sketch.
to foreshadow; prefigure.
to darken or conceal partially; overshadow

acquiesce (verb)
to assent tacitly;
submit or comply silently or without protest;

tacit (adjective)
understood without being openly expressed; implied
silent; saying nothing
unvoiced or unspoken


achigurh said...

i say goodnight by tacitly placing the remote control on the coffee table.

eudaimoniac said...

These three words have got me thinking. Can't wait to explore the rest of your world here.

rivercat said...

I love you <3


maritus said...

I’d forgotten…
And it for a time it was bliss
Kissing air in your place
Faced impossibly blind
By waiting lines never clearer

Five feet ahead.
42 triangular planes of angled glass
Force that man past the edges, and ever nearer
To the beveled bind
Of my vanishing mirror

I never meet anyone there
And words I conjure Impair the
Tops of poems like these
For the wood, the forest, or the Fare
Is almost never in trees

And so, beyond a brief passing
After all that curious alas-ing
Pretending those words in the wood
Made a good bird’s better wings flare
Falls like ash where the boy once stood

The weight of the man, however slight
Is further fractioned by the flight.

if you happen to be a billionaire...