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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


There are women
Who seem enlightened by love.
Lifted, surrounded,
Fed and warmed by love.
But the woman I met last night…
In the mirror,
Seems faded,
To the shadows again.

This woman,
Is condemned by love.
Alienated, exiled,
And forgotten by love.
Her indigo eyes gleam fierce
On the edge of the world,
The pain, forever visible.
Through every streak of blue.
As she who lives for love,
Would also die for love.

If the eyes of her past,
Could speak their secrets.
They would tell of a love taken away,
Just as quickly as it was given.
The love that once filled,
Now forces her to starve.
I have met this women in love..
I have seen her eyes.
Felt her heart break,
And wept with her,
As her soul was torn in two.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is beautiful, dear.

Andrew said...


rivercat said...

wonderful poem. So happy to see this. -and ya, I know its about your bumming and all but it made me happy :)
Im still loving the heart beating out of my body pulsing my chest image you wrote too from a cople posts ago.
I love the freshness and magic of your words and what you come up with!!
Crying With A Sense Of Human

rivercat said...

hi heather, just meant im glad to see you writing again, not that your sadness made me happy.

if you happen to be a billionaire...