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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kate says the year has been like eating a raw egg everyday;
Peter says it's been like wearing a bag of rocks on your head;
Heather-Maria says it's been like a pack of wild dogs who have stumbled across an abandoned meat hangar;
and smiles because she clearly... is the winner.


In my pursuit of meaningful writing, one thing remains clear. I need to choose my words as others would choose how they solve algebra. With precision, with caution, and with the hands of an artisan. I need to melt words into one another. I need to stop, tilt my head, and listen to the echo of each sentence. I need to notice the paragraphs of emotional resonance or even, the perfectly tuned reverberations that come from freedom and pain and love and fear. Sound waves written down and answered by the influence of those who listen. Words are not just seen, they are not just letters sitting vacant, they are products of the individuals inner magic, buried until we create them with the intent to be heard.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."- Albert Einstein


As laughter fights from your lips,
Imagination, sincerity,
And innocence of mind,
Are ripped from the hands outside.
Self-sacrifice is useless.
So you wish for the past,
For who you used to be,
You sit there and hope
For things you cant see
Are just things.

callous disregard for youtube admirers

Today I finally checked my youtube mail, something I have come to believe is a very subtle type of torture. Not knowing what words I’m about to see, or if I have the willpower to disregard the negative ones. I hope that you, dear reader, are smart enough to gather that… today, I failed in the attempt. Hence the title of this post, which comes from yet another David. What is it with that name and the useless desire to try and tell me all about myself? No offense Dear David W, but I don’t owe you anything. Never have and never will. So call me evil, or disgusting, or exclusive… call me whatever the fuck you want actually, just don’t waste my time by writing it all out and pressing send. I am not one of those youtube super egos that replies to every comment or message left by a fan, no matter how admiring you might be. Ask some long time followers, even the ones in my “privileged little circle of beautiful people”. I fall off the radar easily, and don’t enjoy typing out the same answers to the same damn questions I’m asked over and over again. You are free to interpret that lack of action in whichever way your judgment-clouded mind sees fit… but you won’t be right. In thanks to your recent bout of assumption driven bullshit… you won’t ever get the chance to stumble across any sincere realization of the girl typing behind this screen, and by now, wouldn’t want to anyways. So either we’ve both just won, or we’ve both just lost. I’m not sure… but I am sure I don’t give enough of a fuck to wonder about it even one more second.

All my love,
Heartless bitch Heather-Maria.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage" - William Shakespeare

Friday, December 25, 2009

evocative;  tending to evoke. redolent, remindful, reminiscent.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"I want to be that little speck of clarity that finds it’s way through the dust of life's daily nothings... and then I want to go get dirty all over again."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In a dark moment I ask, "How can anyone bring a child into this world?"  And the answer rings clear, "Because there is no other world, and because the child has no other way into it."  ~Robert Brault

Sunday, December 13, 2009

seriously WTF?

I made the mistake of meandering on over to some blogs in the self-proclaimed “philosophy” category… and suddenly feel a whole lot like a retard at an advanced physics lecture. What the fuck are these people really talking about?… and more importantly… why does philosophy seek to exclude anyone who hasn't memorized the entire dictionary? Below I’ve compiled a list of all the sentences I could find that are either (a) kind-of confusing or (b) completely fucked. Leaning heavily towards (c) incomprehensible, and in turn, transformed them into either (a) not-so confusing or (b) so fucking simple.

“Rational entitlement to comprehension is not generated solely by present experience, but by experience in conjunction with the prior metaphysical and experiential standing of the subject.”
a.k.a. Knowledge comes not only from what is happening now, but also from previous thoughts, experience and opinion.

“Experience is seen as analogous to a function or ‘argument schema’, such as modus ponens, which maps subjective views onto judgments.”
a.k.a. Experience is similar to the design of a simple if-then argument, when judgment is combined with only one side of the story. 

“The resulting theory aims to remain entirely neutral on ontological issues whilst enabling experience to make a rational contribution to knowledge despite its non-propositional structure.”
a.k.a. The result remains neutral on the existence of God, and at the same time relates experience to knowledge, despite the theories lack of proven truth.

Maybe it's a natural arrogance that comes with the subject, or maybe it's a way to try and avoid misinterpretation by creating new, impossibly complicated ways to twist simple ideas into a mess of the least used words in the average vocabulary, but whatever the reason... it's completely unnecessary. Makes a little more sense that the idiots of the world seem to stay idiots. No one smart enough to change their minds can speak the same language."Yes Billy Bob" says Mr. Philosopher "the adherence to questionable methodological principles seems to be motivated more by a desire for logical tidiness and consistency than phenomenological accuracy.I'm sure he knows exactly what you mean.

shades of grey*

Friday, December 11, 2009

define yourself

heather maria [hɛðər məˈriə] heth-er muh-ree-uh
1) notably elusive creature, infatuated with the written word, needlessly argumentative, steadfast in morals and men, gives in to escapism
2) chameleon of unknown natures and origin, can be associated vaguely to the symbol ‘?’
3) eccentric pretender
4) avid realist


If only you could see me now. I wonder what you’d say, I wonder how you’d look at me… and I wonder if your mind would change. If you could see the tear stained sheets, and brimming balcony ashtray. Proof that I tried to smoke away the feeling that no one really cares. Pretended it didn’t matter. Convinced myself into apathetic delusions… because, of course, it does matter. It matters tonight, that I’m here... sitting at home. My good clothes tossed on the floor and replaced with boxers and a t-shirt. Here I am… writing to strangers who couldn’t make this go away even if they tried. Strangers that somehow feel closer then anyone I see everyday. I’d love to blame the not-friends that circle in and around my life, but it’s not the first time I’ve been left behind… it’s just the first time I let it matter so much. I wonder what’s changed. I wonder what I can do to make it easier. I wonder why I’m suddenly so afraid of the solitary confinement I once cherished. I wonder if it will all seem better tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips."

if you happen to be a billionaire...